COVID-19 | A Message from Our Mayor

Good Afternoon to the residents of our beautiful town,

We realize that this is a very trying time for everyone, and we hope and pray that you all can stay safe.  In this town we have quite a few seniors so I’m asking you to check on any elderly neighbours in your area because their families could be living quite far away.  You do not have to be in close contact with them but try to communicate with them - call them on the telephone, help with grocery shopping or visit the pharmacist for them if you can.  We all need to make sure that our most vulnerable people are taken care of.

We would also like to remind our residents to please follow all the health and safety guidelines set out by our Chief Medical Officer.  Please do not gather in groups and stay home as much as you can.  When you go for a walk make sure you stay at least 6 ft away from other walkers.  Only go for groceries and essentials when you absolutely must and let one person in your household do all the shopping. 

For our local businesses, we ask that you encourage social distancing by limiting the number of people in your establishments.  In addition, please remind your patrons and staff to remain at least 6 feet apart at all times. 

The only way we will get through this is by obeying all the rules and regulations put in place by our provincial and federal leaders and by our Chief Medical Officer.  Only with diligence and care can we minimize the impact of COVID-19.

I know many of our residents are concerned about unemployment rates, layoffs, business closures, the upcoming tourism season etc., and this all adds a bit more stress to our daily lives.  Please rest assured that the Town of Eastport will do everything in its power to help any person or business that is experiencing problems.  Please remember that even though our town hall is closed to the general public , we are still available to answer questions or concerns by calling 677-2161.  The most current COVID-19 information is available at

Again, everyone, please stay indoors as much as possible, stay safe and keep your families safe.  Together, we will all get through this.  Please remember that our Councillors will always do whatever we can to help you at this very trying time. Take care everyone and thank you.

Your Mayor,



Eastport is located in Central Newfoundland on the Eastport Peninsula. It can be pinpointed on the border of the Terra Nova National Park. Just 18 minutes from the Trans Canada Highway and only one hour from the nearest airport you'll find stunning scenery, beaches and history.

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