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Recreation And Wellness

Eastport Peninsula is a community where physical activity and healthy active living are a way of life. Residents of all ages are motivated and inspired to participate in a wide variety of accessible and enjoyable programs and opportunities that promote an enhanced quality of life for all residents.

 The Eastport Peninsula Recreation & Wellness Committee was organized in 2009, serves all communities on the Eastport Peninsula and is fortunate to have a full time Regional Recreation Director.

Physical activity can help improve your overall fitness, health and longevity. By engaging in a small amount of physical activity every day you can:

·         Improve fitness, muscle tone and strength

·         Create an enjoyable social experience

·         Strengthen your bones and help prevent osteoporosis

·         Relieve stress and tension

·         Maintain a healthy weight and a positive body image especially when combining healthy eating into your daily routine

·         Train your heart, lungs and muscles to work more efficiently

·         Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

·         Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

·         Make you FEEL GREAT!