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Mayor Genevieve Squire

Mayor from September, 2009 to present;
Deputy-Mayor from November, 1985 to December, 1993;
Councillor from September 28, 1984 to October, 1985;

Currently serving as:
Treasurer of the Playground Committee,

Deputy-Mayor Arthur Crisby
Deputy-Mayor from October 9, 2013 to present
Councillor - December, 1993 to present' to October 9, 2013 
(Served as deputy-mayor from September 19, 2005 to October 19, 2005)
Member of the Finance Committee and liaison with the Eastport Peninsula Marine Protection Area Committee.
Councillor Chesley Crisby

Councillor and Chair of Public Works Committee - October, 2005 to present; -Mayor - September, 2005 to October, 2005; Councillor - September, 2001 to August, 2005;
Councillor - December 8, 1993 to December 14, 1994;
Serves as council's representative on the Terra Nova Regional Waste Disposal Committee.

Picture shows Councillor Crisby paticipating in the annual Agricultural Exhibition Parade.
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Councillor Mary MacNab

Councillor from November, 2005 to present;
Member of the Public Works Committee,
Chair of the Eastport Peninsula Recreation and Wellness Committee,
Heavily involved in setting up  and running  The Beaches Public Library;
Instrumental in the development of the town plan;
Author of the Values and Vision Statement of the town;

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Councillor Anne Jenkins

Councillor from 2005 to present;
Member of the Finance Committee;
Liaison with the Eastport Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department;

Councillor Alan Holman

Elected on September 24, 2013
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Councillor Shannon Powell

Elected on September 24, 2013.