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Edwin Moore Biography

Edwin Moore
Birth Date: 27 May, 19
Death Date: 17 Apr, 94

Edwin Moore's journey through life began at Dildo, Trinity Bay on May 27, 1919.

At the age of five (5) he contracted Infantile Paralysis, more commonly known as Polio, which left him with a permanent, though slight disability; and an indomitable spirit . On recovering, and struggling through a second year of Grade One, Moore decided that he should be in Grade Two, one night he simply informed his mother that "tomorrow morning I'm starting in Grade 2". Next morning found him seated among the second graders and a confused teacher gave way to Moore's infallible logic. The rest as they say, is history.

Moore's high school years were marked by the trials of the Great Depression. High school graduation was a rare achievement but a necessary one if you wished to become a teacher - and Moore was determined to teach. In June 1937, he graduated from Dildo's All Saints School.

In the Fall of 1940, he entered Memorial College and earned a Grade One teaching certificate. His brilliant teaching career, which would encompass the next three and a half decades, began at Diamond Cove (Rose Blanche) in September 1941. The following year he accepted a two year position at English Harbour, followed by a year at Princeton before returning to Memorial College in the Fall of 1945. By the spring of 1946, Moore had earned a Grade Two teaching certificate and had set his sights on a Principalship. He spent the summer teaching on Granby Island before accepting the Principal position at Sop's Arm West, where he would remain for the next nine years. It was while teaching at Sop's Arm that Edwin met and married Ester Ricks. And it was there that he became a lay reader for the Anglican Church, a service he would continue to practice for 40 years.

In June of 1955, Moore was confirmed as the Principal of the all-grade school at Eastport (now the Beaches Heritage Center). A position he held until the new Integrated Elementary school was opened in the early 1970's, and he assumed the Vice-Principal of that modern institution. He was instrumental in the early success of the Integrated system and the transition to a new era in education. Moore retired from teaching in 1977 after more than 35 years. There is no one who has shared the educational experience with him who will forget him. And few who have not been influenced by his passion for learning.

But Moore's talents were not limited to teaching. For over twenty consecutive years he served as parish treasurer, and was disguised as an Honorary member of the Royal Canadian Legion for his years of bookkeeping services with that organization. Prior to Integration, he served as treasurer/secretary of the Local School Board for four years.

Moore's secretarial skills were equally amazing. He served as secretary to the Eastport Consumers Co-Operative, the Anglican Select Vestry, the Lions Club, the Loyal Orange Association and the Black Preceptory.

Mr. Moore's leadership abilities were always evident. He served as super-intendent of the Sunday School for 30 years. president of the Eastport Consumers Co-Operative (8 Yrs), Master of the Society of United Fishermen Brighton Lodge #51 (2 terms), Worshipful Preceptor of the Black Preceptory (two terms) and president of Newfoundland Teachers local.

Moore was elected Mayor of the Town of Eastport in 1988 and served until November 1993 when illness forced him to resign. He died April 17, 1994.

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