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George Hubert Dyke Biography

George Hubert Dyke
Birth Date: 28 Sep, 18
Death Date: 03 Jan, 89

Regimental #: 970611

Born September 28, 1918;
Dyke enlisted in the Royal Artillery in early 1940, and was among the First 400 Royal Artillery Contingent which left St. Johns on the Duchess of Richmond, April 14, 1940; and served with the 166th in North Africa and Italy. By all accounts, he was a good soldier and was well respected by the Officers and Soldiers of the 166th. Shortly after the Italians capitulated in 1944, a lot of the senior members of the 166th were given home leave. George was among that group, and before they could return to England the war had ended.
With the war over, Dyke married Emeline (nee Babstock) and settled at Cormack on the west coast before returning to this area, working (and living) at Terra Nova National Park. He would eventually move to Toronto, where he resided until retiring back to Eastport in the early 1970's.
On returning to Eastport he became actively involved with the Royal Canadian Legion and would continue to contribute his time and efforts to that organization until shortly before his death on January 3, 1989.
His only son, Dominic Dyke, was lost in the Ocean Ranger disaster in 1982. Three daughters survive.

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